Drawing for Animators 1

This class is really fun! I'm learning a lot already about how to use my abstract side of my mind more (something of a weakness for me). I think I recall doing something similar when I was a little kid... I remember swiping random pencil lines on my paper and then going back to draw a figure out of it. Although they were really ugly, it proves that we become less creative and flexible with age if we allow ourselves to throw away a certain way of thinking/seeing in order to pursue rationality and order.

For me, this assignment was really hard only because I'm much too literal... so to avoid representational silhouettes I had to draw with my left hand and even look away as I stabbed my pen all over the tablet...

The assignment: Make abstract blob/marks in silhouette and go back later and sketch in some rough characters that you see in the silhouettes. This makes room for more flowing shapes rather than drawing a character from nothing and darkening them later... that can be really stiff based on personal experience for other assignments (character turnaround sheets).

100 Silhouettes

50 Doodles

Silhouette Selection

Doodles Selection

Will Add the refined ones later....

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