A lil' Something something

Baaaaaah, so I haven't been drawing and painting as much as I should be. I noticed a lot of fancy doodley doodles everyone has been posting on their blogs...I feel rather empty on here. CryForever. :'(

So I guess I should actually be posting more illustration thingys on here to fill it up with colorful failure. I'm hoping I get more time this summer and the coming year to actually sit down and draw something every once in awhile.

For's my face in a book and my hands on the keyboard. :O

Alright! I guess I'll throw a lil' something something on this post now!

Speed painting done for my art history of landscape class. Based off Caspar Friedrich's ruins paintings.

Why not throw some old things on here while I'm at it?

Megamind fanart I did in the summer of 2010 for my bro, Dane.

Oh CRAP this thing's old! Angler fish dude from my High school senior portfolio. :O

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