Arachne & Athena pt. 2!!!

Oh no! We spoke too soon! The Arachne & Athena concept project has come back for revennnnge!! This time around, our assignment is to take the basic story line of Arachne/Athena and make an adaptation of it with our own story.

So what did I get? I boasting ladies' man who claims to be THE man vs. a hulking stone-cold killer who has never been loved. WHO'S THE REAL MAN? Let the competition of true manliness beginnn!! :D

Gerald The Great



So I few changes were made to the original story pitch, and the character personality/characteristics changed too. Made the brutish Arnald short vs. tall...mleh mleh. Some other things changed too as we worked in class.

OH YEAH. GOOD LORD, LISTEN TO THAT AWESOME VOICE ACTING.......Nah...It's actually pretty bad and hilarious to listen to. I don't really make a good manly voice...

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