Traditional Animation 1

* For some Reason the Upload of this Video causes the Endings to be cut off & the speed and clarity to change.

Bouncing Ball 1 (Soft)

Perspective Ball Bounce

Interactive (Pinball) Ball Bounce

My instructor wanted it to be faster so this version is the quick one...I personally think it's going too fast even for pinball.

Head Turn Assessment

A required Assessment we had to do with a maximum limit of 10 frames. The hardest part was jumping from bouncing balls straight into a Full Headturn with frame limits and no Experimental Bridge between the two! It was a good push though.

Flour Sack Ninja

Meant to be a clumsy ninja-wannabe character that jumps through a screen and does stunts for no one but himself only to fail at the end.

Wilbert: Skunk Model Sheet

The little Wilberts:

Wilbert: Skunk Jump

Generic Preston Blaire: Walk Cycle

Sami Character: Walk Cycle