3-D Design

I was not accustomed to this sort of class, but once I got a hang of it it was thoroughly amusing.
We were required to learn to weld, and I chose to do a simple metal dog frame with lights for its eyes (like Jimmy Neutron). My idea was to make a "Man's best friend" for my dad so he can do his work outside without having to struggle with the flashlight under tight places. He really loved it!

"Conjoined Twins" project. We could interpret it however way we wanted, whether we were going for a metaphorical or literal approach. I chose to take the literal route and create a conjoined twins backpack that is capable of detaching into 2 completely SEPARATE backpacks.
My father volunteered to help me fill out the other side of the backpack as my conjoined twin.

The backpacks, if they were real products, would come with charms. Each twin could purchase their own charms that's personal to them and attach it to the front so that they don't mix up the sides of the backpack for the other twin's.

I recreated a Teddy Bear into a "RoboBear" placed inside a box that mimicked a metal cage with a lock and bolts(Made from Soda Cans and Solder wire) and "monitor screen-like" labels. His eye patch is optional and he comes with a retractable right arm that, when pressed, beams light from the tip. He has a faux Boombox control panel (Taken from an old boombox) on the belly but a real iPod sleeve in the back that can be zipped up. An audio cord/ear buds are concealed inside his ears and the jack feeds within the iPod pouch in the back.

It came with its own "user manual" too.

The "Bayou Boat Race" project. I was teamed up with 3 other classmates are random and together we designed and built a boat made out of a limited supply list that all had to adhere to. No piece was wasted and we came out 2nd in the race. We each took turns on the jobs but most of my time was in the Oar Design/Construction, Painting, Sealing, and touch-ups at the end. It was really fun and I made so many good friends during the process.

Front & Back

Oar and Tip of the Boat

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