Communication Design


We researched 4 different 20th century art movements and drafted many designs and eventually came down to 2 designs. After critiques we began a final draft and started the construction process. We must incorporate Sign, Symbol, and Metaphor into a Triptych.

Here are some Process drafts:


Sign: Biohazard Symbol: Skull Metaphor: "They shall steer chariots...with storm in their feet."

The final constructed triptych:


The Planes were made from Monster Energy Drink cans and were mounted on wires that protruded from the backing and concealed on the back. The Biohazard Clock is functional and was mounted on a cardboard cut out in the shaped of the Biohazard while placing the box of the clock snug into a square cutout hole behind the back of the panel.

Destruction and Renewal. Those cubes are kind of like cinderblocks = rebuilding.


We made sure to ask every question during the process until we got to a combination of "What ifs" that we saw fitting for each of the 4 topics. Then we narrowed down to 2 final satire pieces.


Home Depot + Sex Themed Ads

Everyone's using Sex to Sell. What if Home Depot used that method to advertise? Sexy Models aren't the real consumers, so let's "appeal to the customers".

Obese vs. Fast Food

After the case in Boston with the 2 obese girls suing McDonalds, it is obvious that McDonalds is "trying to look" concerned for the consumers. WE can't point fingers at any one person in this case. The obese girls lost b/c of lack of proof that McDonalds made them fat & their father said, "I always thought McDonalds was healthy for them". It's obvious that no one is force feeding them that food. Isn't it just lack of discipline and poor food choices? As for the side of McDonalds, their salads aren't even good for you, and 1 more piece of lettuce on a sandwich doesn't prove much. Their "eco-friendly" look in the McCafes aren't even eco-friendly! The Bamboo wall designs aren't even bamboo and are in fact manufactured faux-wood decor pieces.
If McDonalds REALLY wanted to "look good", why not use an international superstar who is the idol when it comes to helping the obese population. Why not use RICHARD SIMMONS?

Sexy as a Product

If we can be brainwashed into buying something because we subconsciously think it'll make us superb like the models, then why not buy a product that REALLY makes you feel like one? Sort of...
This way, ladies, you can all only see what you want to see. Your head on that models body. Sexy enough for ya?

Beijing Cat Extermination Premium Canned Cat.

Many controversies came before and after the Bijing Olympics, one of which was the mass extermination of cats, domestic and ferrel, in order to "beautify" the city. This controversy had many backfires. It was found that by doing so many animal rights activists had open protests, rat population increased, rat poison left on streets were poisoning humans, and a portion of the cats were being sent to restaurants as meat. Crazy stuff. So here is what it would sort of look like if we bought Premium Cat Meat in a Can!

Final Drafts:


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