Warm up 2: Wait

Eeeeh delayed to put this one up. There are things I would change but I figure it's best to keep moving forward and do new things and hopefully fix those mistakes then...

Just Artie, waiting for Mr. Fabio. :)


Model Sheet

Just a quick update on my Lip Sync character (myself)
Everyone was doing one for the "Jr. Matchmaker" forum post of our models so our classmates can choose one for the next assignment with two characters. :)


Lip Sync Character

It's been a while, So I decided to post up a rendered version of my Lip Sync character on here. It's been fun. :)

Once we tie down some things with Prepro and I get some more animations done, I'll be posting them up here... I'm thinking of making a new blog for Final stuff only, being that this is mostly a school work blog with some process things... we'll see.


LipSync Caricature

A turn sheet for the upcoming LipSync project next semester in Computer Animation 4.

Could have been more exaggerated...or simplified even more...or just...better. But I'm going to be optimistic! It was pretty darn fun! :3


DFA Final

Final characters from all those silhouettes and doodles!!